Introductions Part 2

I’m a mechanical engineer with no mil/LE background, but I’m a huge 2A supporter. Been hunting/shooting since I could hold a BB gun and was kind of a fudd until about a year ago when I started to take a deeper dive into the online gun community. I’ve decided I’m not going to waste money on any guns/gear/training that I wouldn’t be able to trust my life with, so I’m 100% here to learn. Also, really enjoy the podcast; big props to Matt and all the other guys running it.
Hunter here from upstate SC. I'm a civil engineer with no mil or LEO experience. I'm just a 2A/freedom advocate and a guns and gear nerd. I've been listing to the Modcast for a week or two now, which I discovered through Practically Tactical. Over the past few months I've been transitioning from buying more gear to instead spending my money on training, so I'm here to learn.
Ben, Deputy in rural midwest. Officer in Nat. Guard, was enlisted as Combat Engineer. Started collecting guns, now more interested in being well trained in one or two than owning a bunch.
A year in to being an LEO, cant believe I get paid to drive a fast car and tase people (I hear that feeling wears off). Love the info, enjoy the podcast.
Hey Guys: former Marine, black boot, cold war type, one each. Worlds biggest stitch bitch/gear queer. I design/modify/fuck with anything nylon load bearing. Also dabble in AR and Glock work. And like to stay current in training. Old time LF hand from "back in the day". I am looking for no bullshit knowledge concerning training, weapons, and equipment for self defense. Did some work for Lonewolf, who talked about Chuck, which led me to here. Looking to learn a lot, and contribute when I can.
James, field surgeon with the ARNG. Directed here by Sgt. Tashima after meeting him at the (last?) m9 qual range this weekend. Certified POST level-3 many years ago. IDPA newbie. I've had the privilege of meeting/training with Steve Fisher, Craig Douglas, Cecil Burch, Scotty Reitz and want to keep up with my training.
Diz, finally made it over here. For those that don’t know him from LightFighter Diz is the stitch king, dude knows how to run a sewing machine and has done some awesome mods to my gear over the years. Guys solid and knows gear design.
Dave, 40+ years of motorcycles as my primary passion but firearms are secondary. ;) Just a civvie, no LE experience, a bit of military many moons back. I figure if I'm not learning something new I must dead. Currently in Illinois but hopefully moving to more firearm friendly Oklahoma in the near future.
Mil background, sheepishly working my way into USPSA and three gun. Been curiously eyeing P&S from afar for a while. The mods won me over when I listened the infantry support weapons/machine guns Modcast. It was awesome to see guys that were passionate about crew-served weapons, and making soldiers more lethal.
TJ here. Long time lurker. General gun enthusiast for the last 10+ years. Civilian working in the firearms industry. I currently work for Zev Technologies on the manufacturing side (I worked for Mega Arms before that). I do compete when I have time, mainly IDPA and 3-Gun because that is what is available locally.