Introductions Part 2

Eric from GA here. Very limited experience, and age is starting to seriously diminishing capabilities, but I’m still pressing on with the training. Primary area of interest is CCW and home defense. Secondary interest is starting to be middle range precision rifle.

Also just want to say I have a gleaned huge amount of information off of the podcasts, and appreciate the work involved to get it to us.
Good Morning all..

Jeremy from Arizona.. I like driving cars on track, playing video games, and most of all shooting guns... Just a regular guy, but I work in the industry (2nd time around)... shooting as many local matches as possible. Looking to expand my knowledge base and learn from trusted and respected sources.
Hi all, I'm Jacob from Idaho.

Responsible armed citizen who wants to better protect his family, friends and people in public. I love the outdoors, tinkering with cars and am a new dad.

Also was told this is a great place to sell/buy stuff and frankly I haven't found too many equipment exchanges online to do that.

Thanks all!