Introductions Part 2

Nick, I did 5 years as Air Crew on C130s and now build fighter jets. I'm an avid shooter and a firearms enthusiast. The Modcast brought me here and I'm been extremely impressed with the wealth of knowledge and prespective they provide. I hope to learn more on this forum and give whatever valid advice I can.
I go by version of Clay on the forums for a long time. The name came from being a sporting Clay competitor. Bird dogs and shotguns.

I've shot IDPA and have been a SO, shot USPSA and have been an RO. I'm NOT a master class shooter. I do realize that I can and am getting better as long as I train. I identify with a quote that I recently read that said that "knowing is an obstacle to learning". If you think that you "know" something you are not open to the next advancement in the state of the art technique. I consider myself a serious student.

I'm a Glock guy, not because I'm a fanboy, but because I realize it is less about the tool and more about the shooter. I started shooting Glocks before there was a M&P or P320 or many others. I feel confident in the platform. The gun isn't holding me back, it's all on me and I accept personal responsibility for my skill set.

Been a member of another forum since 2005. That forum also promotes the use of red dot optics on a handgun . I was reading a thread there that spoke about the Roland Special that was more than just an RMR on a pistol but included other parts of the puzzle to be an effective combat tool. That drove a search under RS and that brought me here.

Thanks for being a great resource for those willing to do the work and develop their skills.
Kyle Gentry here. Relocated to Idaho after retiring from my LEO career in California. Former SWAT operator, sniper, rangemaster, etc. I love training, and meeting like minded individuals on the range. I was involved in the training industry in the old state, and brought it with me to Boise, Idaho. Our website covers all of it

As others have said, I am grateful forums like this exist. Benefits everyone, and God willing, keeps the 2A strong.

Stay safe out there Gents.

Owen, Oklahoma. Outdoorsmen, competition shooter, everyday carrier, agriculture teacher. Turned onto the podcast by a friend. Love the info here just as much. Shoot mostly Glocks and ARs. Have built and modded both and others. Grandfather was an arsenal sgt. in DOC in Michigan, learned gun smithing/handling from him. Will provide info only if well versed on topic otherwise just absorbing.
I’m Ian, out of New York. State LEO. Lucky to be in a position where my enjoyment of firearms is merging with career opportunities. Other things I enjoy are sports (mostly hockey) and getting into tree stands. You probably won’t see another post from me after this; I’m just hear to read and gather as much knowledge as I can. Thanks in advance.
My name is Adam. I’m into everything hiking/backpacking, off-roading/overland. I build/fix things and break them too.
In an alternate universe I was SO and SAR posse member, but a brain injury changed all that. Went back to school for emergency management, and I’m currently a stay at home dad with a 6 year old boy and 6 month old girl.
Richard, Former USMC 0352, Attorney practicing commercial real estate, construction, business law, as well as some trust work specific to the NFA. I hunt and guide hunts on a ranch about 40 miles off the border with Mexico. I am a life long student of firearms, I enjoy training with them and working on them. I'm here to enhance my knowledge of training methods and standards, technique, concealment, and first responder medical knowledge.
Howdy all. Ethan here.

Long time gun nut/aspiring collector, lots of military friends, but no real quals outside of my hiViz CCW sash.

I waste all of my money on guns, motorcycles, cars, and trucks. But after listening to enough P&S podcasts I figured that I ought to get some training.

Signed up for a medical course next month, hoping to get some shooting classes under my belt in the coming months.

Looking forward to learning tons more!
Hi folks, I'm Dave, active duty Army just over 19 years, with probably about 5 left to go. I'm Armor but recently spent two years with a Stryker Infantry battalion, where I enjoyed a lot of dismounted training with small arms (mostly observing my Soldiers, but I got to jump in occasionally). I'm interested in learning more from the members here with a lot more light fighting experience than me, so I can improve my mindset as well as pistol and rifle skills. Medical training and general readiness are my other areas of interest, along with military history and world affairs. Thanks for letting me in here!