Introductions Part 2

Name's Dale. 10th year in rural municipal LE. Currently working in a well-known tourist town affectionately known as "Las Vegas if Ned Flanders ran it" which can lead to interesting situations and perhaps a unique perspective at times. I'm a road sergeant and tasked as a firearms and EVOC instructor. Instructing is a relatively new pursuit for me; I'm working hard at building credibility/experience/knowledge beyond just being the guy the department picked. I'm big on empirical data and the "why." Not big on "we've always done it this way," "here's an article from PERF we should treat as gospel," and "but I heard..." P&S appeals to me for obvious reasons. I'm here to absorb and learn from folks with a deeper understanding of the issues than my own.
I'm Jason from Fayetteville, NC. I've listened to a few modcast and want to learn more. I consider myself old, and a plain ol'civilian. I spent eleven years in the Air Force(back in the day). These days I work as the new intake inspector for a rental management company. I'm alone in empty houses a lot which gives me time to listen to whatever I want.
Hi, I live in eastern Ohio. I'm former military and currently work in the gas & oil industry. I'm a pistol shooting enthusiast, but I'm getting back into AR's and have dabbled in some hand-to-hand stuff for familiarization. I found P&S a while back through a podcast that featured Varg Freeborn. Thanks for having me.


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Hey all, Jason, 21 years LEO, over 10 years SWAT. Currently assigned as a Special Agent on a Violent Crimes Team. Contracted for 3 years in Iraq and Afg doing High Threat Protection and as a Firearms a Instructor. I’m co-owner of GCS Training Group and train all over the states.
I'm Jason. I'm 43, in Durham NC, and have been doing plumbing and maintenance type work since I got out of high school. I'm currently doing maintenance for a pharmaceutical company and have really been working on advancing my career the last few years. I also love cars, making them faster and wiring, especially some of my buddies drag race cars that I have wired from scratch. Some while back the gun bug bit me so with that and fast cars I'm perpetually broke LOL. I was also bitten pretty hard by the self defense bug (if you can call it that) at roughly the same time. I've devoted as much time as possible to learning the law with regards to concealed carry and I try to help people make good decisions that will enable them to make it home safe every day and avoid incarceration.
Jeff, 47, from Richmond, VA. Wine Industry Rep, Navy/DoD brat that had always had an interest in firearms, but finally but the interest into practice this year. Training days with Jedi, Sean M., FPF, Green Ops and this weekend with Tim Chandler. Compete in USPSA and IDPA 3-4 times a month since April and dry fire most every day. Look to the forum to increase my knowledge and link up with the right people to better my skills.
Dan, 4 years Marine Corp as an Ammo Tech, contracted at the Aberdeen Test center, experimental ordnance/Small arms/Light Armor sections as an ordnance tech for around 8 years

Its interesting to hear about some of the stuff we tested being talked about on the modcast

Transitioned to a different organization and started doing foreign ordnance and exploitation for a couple years and am now deployed to the Middle East doing logistics work.

While I am most proficient shooting long range, I really need to up my pistol game.
Garrett - Pennsylvania Gunsmith School alumni. Have been working in the industry since 2010. My shining achievement was working for Beretta USA Corp for several years before leaving to work at a small shop doing things like AK builds and general basic gunsmithing work. Currently working full-time in sales, which has left little time for shooting (have dabbled in IDPA) or taking classes. I'm trying to flip the switch from collecting and spending money on "project guns" and get to shooting them more proficiently via higher level training. I believe it's important to understand how the weapons I service are being used, and the conditions which cause them to fail.

Like everyone here, I have a lot to learn and appreciate all the great people providing good info to industry folks and anyone who cares to read/listen. Hopefully I can contribute some things I've learned should the need arise, especially as I gain experience.

Current certified S&W M&P 2.0, M&P Shield, GLOCK (up to Gen5) armorer.
Im Brendan, Im an aircraft mechanic in the Charlotte area. I tinker with everything and will work on just about anything that needs worked on (gotta draw the line at dog submarines) and have been turning wrenches since I could walk. Once the gun bug bit me, it was a slow poison but now im looking at gun smith schools and getting my ffl.