Introductions Part 2

My real life name is Kevin Cottle, I’m 17 year medically retired infantrymen, i also a small unit tactics instructor , small arms instructor and CQB instructor while in the army.
I did executive fu time for 4 years now I do Executive protection part time while working full time for the Department of veteran affairs and a part time gunsmith. In the proses of starting a small business called Wolf-Hook Solutions that is going to be doing some physical security consulting and designing pre made E&E / ECW packages and eccefsorys.

For fun I shoot and work on race cars when I have time ...

I have a fiend of 2 around here me and Jerry form Overwatch precision were in the same company in Iraq back in 2005-2006
Good evening, I'm a jailor with a small, rural sheriff's office. I'm a history nerd and a star wars fan. I found out about the forum from InRangeTV. Also, my first handgun (which I still carry when I want something smaller and more comfortable than my Glock 19--probably a holster issue) was a 1952 Bulgarian Makarov... And, I swear, I'm trying to fix the holster issue. Finally if anyone's interested, my War Thunder username is Beartrap85416. I don't know why they added the numbers, but "416" is kind of a neat coincidence, I guess.
Toby Beamon. New to forum, had been active on the Facebook pages for the past few years. Decided to remove myself from Facebook and was jonesing for my P&S fix. Looking forward to catching up on past topics. Shooting since I was a kid, but didn't realize I didn't know anything till a few years ago. Training, collecting and mod casts are my hobbies. Network Support member.