Introductions Part 2

My real life name is Kevin Cottle, I’m 17 year medically retired infantrymen, i also a small unit tactics instructor , small arms instructor and CQB instructor while in the army.
I did executive fu time for 4 years now I do Executive protection part time while working full time for the Department of veteran affairs and a part time gunsmith. In the proses of starting a small business called Wolf-Hook Solutions that is going to be doing some physical security consulting and designing pre made E&E / ECW packages and eccefsorys.

For fun I shoot and work on race cars when I have time ...

I have a fiend of 2 around here me and Jerry form Overwatch precision were in the same company in Iraq back in 2005-2006
Good evening, I'm a jailor with a small, rural sheriff's office. I'm a history nerd and a star wars fan. I found out about the forum from InRangeTV. Also, my first handgun (which I still carry when I want something smaller and more comfortable than my Glock 19--probably a holster issue) was a 1952 Bulgarian Makarov... And, I swear, I'm trying to fix the holster issue. Finally if anyone's interested, my War Thunder username is Beartrap85416. I don't know why they added the numbers, but "416" is kind of a neat coincidence, I guess.
Toby Beamon. New to forum, had been active on the Facebook pages for the past few years. Decided to remove myself from Facebook and was jonesing for my P&S fix. Looking forward to catching up on past topics. Shooting since I was a kid, but didn't realize I didn't know anything till a few years ago. Training, collecting and mod casts are my hobbies. Network Support member.
Hey, I’m Jake. I’m a jack of all trades, construction, electrical, and welding. Spent 5 years being a meat bomb for the Army. After I got out I went to gunsmithing school. Working on getting my shop set up, building rifles is my passion but I enjoy working on any guns. I also hold a half dozen factory armorer certs. I’ve been shooting and hunting for as long as I can remember. The past few years I’ve gotten serious about getting better and have started taking some local training, looking to start taking some classes from some of the more we’ll known instructors as time allows. I’ve been listening to the podcast for awhile and thought I should stop lurking and start trying to be useful and soak up all P&S has to offer.
Hey Folks. I'm Sam. Marines 2001-2005. Oil industry. Just recently relocated back to the L48 from Alaska. Been serious about training for a while, but super excited how much easier it is to get to classes now. Been following some of the Facebook pages for a short bit and found the forum looking for information on quality instructors in OK. This place delivered. Hope to sponge up more info.


Network Support I
I could have sworn I posted an intro post, but the forum says I haven't...

I'm Dorsey, I've been around P&S for ~4 years now, occasionally commenting -- mostly ears open, mouth closed. I like to tinker (been smithing at the hobby level for 20+ years, reloading longer), train, and find fuzzy woodland creatures delicious. I'm a hobbling reminder to those who know me that a TQ will save your life.
Don't guess I posted in the old thread. Is 4 and a half years between registration and first post a record?

Dusty, Joined the Fire Dept in the late 90s, EMT school in 2000. I teach all that stuff, Starting Medic school as an old man next year. Just became a public safety diver after a few years of being a DM for the classes for them. Entrepreneur, (trucking company, dirtwork company, former 07 FFL, and starting back up in a few months) but not a good one, I'd rather enjoy my toys than stack piles of cash. Bad plan for business. Mostly here to read as I've grown sick of fb and arfcom. Oh, and I'm REALLY good at getting shot with Sims and UTMs.
Name's Dale. 10th year in rural municipal LE. Currently working in a well-known tourist town affectionately known as "Las Vegas if Ned Flanders ran it" which can lead to interesting situations and perhaps a unique perspective at times. I'm a road sergeant and tasked as a firearms and EVOC instructor. Instructing is a relatively new pursuit for me; I'm working hard at building credibility/experience/knowledge beyond just being the guy the department picked. I'm big on empirical data and the "why." Not big on "we've always done it this way," "here's an article from PERF we should treat as gospel," and "but I heard..." P&S appeals to me for obvious reasons. I'm here to absorb and learn from folks with a deeper understanding of the issues than my own.