Introductions Part 2

Nick - I'm an Army National Guardsman, looking to hopefully become a wildlife officer in the coming months. I'm an avid outdoors man, shoot competitively when I can (USPSA, 3 Gun, and dabble in PRS occasionally), and wrench on guns for fun when I don't have my head stuffed in a book. I found out about P&S though a friend, and have been burning through modcasts daily since.
Found this forum from a blog post on the P-F. I'm and old geezer. Vietnam Vet, retired LEO, ran my own firearms training business, and I'm a former competitive shooter. I was shooting steel combat matches before IPSC started, then (with others) started IPSC matches in my area. Shot revolver PPC for two years. Helped start IDPA at my home range when it came along. Still doing limited training (one-on-one) for beginners. Looking forward to participating here.
I'm Ryan, currently work in healthcare. been into firearms my whole life, but unfortunately it took me this long to be honest with myself and my capabilities, I'm here trying to soak up all I can. Discovered the modcasts this past year and I binge listen to them. I listen to all kinds of podcasts... The modcasts are the only ones that after 8 hours, I'm still disappointed when its over. Just excellent high quality, honest information from people who really know what they're talking about. Prior to discovering P&S I thought I knew who I wanted to take a class from when time allowed for it. My priorities have changed. Looking forward to possibly getting to a Sentinel concepts or Presscheck consulting class someday in the not to distant future. and also learned I NEED to dry fire. shot a lot of rounds in my life, I’ve improved very little or not at all. I can only get better from here! Really thankful this resource exists, and that you people take the time to put this info out for people who are hungry for it!! ill be lurking around.