Introductions Part 2

I'm Josh from Arizona, another long-time lurker and run of the mill desk jokey with a dad bod. I'd been shooting, hunting, off-roading, camping, backpacking and such for longer than I can remember, and based on that experience I thought I "knew things" until about 9 years ago when a series of life-threatening events took me by surprise in a short matter of time and I was caught ill-prepared. It frightened me enough to straighten me out, and since then I've transitioned away from being a hobbyist / weekend warrior and started taking equipment, training, mindset, self-reliance and the realities of my lifestyle very seriously. That led me here, and although I have no .mil or LE background so I don't fit the "professional" criteria, I still feel like this is where I belong.
Hello, I'm Ross and I'm also from Arizona. I'm a full-time probation officer supervising a violent offender / seriously mentally ill / sex offender caseload, firearms / Taser instructor and armorer for the court, and part-time local firearms / CCW instructor (for about 10 years). In my off time I enjoy hiking, fine whiskey, bad whiskey, and learning stuff. I'm one of those, "well it can't possibly be THAT hard," kind of idiots who learns the hard way a lot, and necessarily have a robust sense of humor about myself. My biggest deficits (besides ugliness and lack of interpersonal skills) have been fitness and martial arts, which I'm committed to addressing this year.
Eduardo. Civilian shooter in Kansas. I work for a fireworks company and have a small firearms retail business on the side. Ive been lurking around P&S for years, and have gotten a lot out of it. I started actively seeking out training and took my first few classes in 2016. Since then I've been lucky enough to train with several of the contributors to P&S and other instructors all over the country. I am always looking to get better and share what I have been able to learn.
Hey all, I'm Dan from MN. I've been working in hospital security in a large metro area for last 3+ years. Working towards LE. Been shooting for fun for about 10 years but started taking my self defense preparedness seriously about 3 years ago. I've taken a handful of classes and hope to take more as time allows. Just recently took the RDS plunge. Been following P&S for about a year and a half, learned a lot. Looking forward to exploring the forum and partaking in the P&S community.
Josh, procrastinator in actually contributing in the form, former US Army infantry, lover of polymer frame pistols and 1911’s. From Southern Indiana but currently living outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve learned a lot from P&S over the last couple of years and a, looking forward to learning more.
Bowers, not mil or le, did armored transport work when I was young and dumb. Train and hunt a lot with i2/thermal. Try to get to as many matches and training classes as life/work schedule allows. Contact me if your in the S Idaho region and would like to get afield with your nightvision equipment as I have access to large closed range areas for night time target practice. Currently adding steel targets to my primary canyon land range area. Also up for car pooling to distant training/matches outside southern Idaho.
Sean, had to recreate my account as I have not been on the forums for awhile and switched emails. Hitting 10 years LE in August. Did corrections with a Sheriff's Office for 5 years, and now I have done almost 5 with a Police Department. I do shooting competitions sometimes and also camp and hike. Apart of the SWAT Team and Search and Rescue Team. From 2012 to 2015 was taking alot of firearms training classes.

Looking to expand my knowledge base, improve my personal firearms training both live fire on my own and dry fire. Also want to improve my physical fitness. Stay current and looking for training opportunities. Want to connect with fellow P&S members in my area. Get back into competitive shooting again. Also researching for my wife and kids as my step son has shown an interest in firearms and my wife also attends firearms classes.

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I am Barry. Not Mil or LEO. 33 years fed gov as staff employee and contractor, last 15 as a business owner. Currently going on 7 years working counterintelligence. Been carrying for 30+ years, recently realized training (not practice) is critical. Signing up for force on force training with weapons and hands, taking combatives, taking tactical pistol, shotgun, rifle courses, and emphasizing stress innoculation and flexing the gray matter during stress and shoot/don’t shoot scenarios. A key concern for me as a noob to force on force and training (not practice) is ensuring I weed out BS and get to information that has been tested in real world use, esp where tactics, firearms, and best practices are concerned. When you start turning over the training rocks you find a lot of self-proclaimed experts that real experts will steer you away from very quickly (hence my interest in this forum - which came highly recommended). Thankfully we have some good training near the nation’s capital that I can avail myself of. Basically my hope is to develop skills I will never have to use. Better to have them and not need them. Plus, the training, both physical and mental, is interesting, fun, and good for the mind and body.

Sorry for typing a book, but this is me... looking forward to using the depth and breadth of knowledge on this site.