Introductions Part 2

Hey I'm Czysz (pronounced like Chez) im a local LEO in the southeast been a loooooong time lurker and finally decided to create an account. Spent a handful of years working in a detention setting (jail) doing all sorts of things including prisoner transport and made the transition to sworn a little while ago. Don't have a whole lot of forum experience save for akfiles but I'm excited to be involved with like minded individuals striving to better themselves. I thoroughly enjoy physical fitness including recently starting in BJJ, I also play computer games when I have the time. One of my goals this year is to get out and attend more classes from industry and non industry instructors in my area.

Im happy to give any perspective of my experiences but more importantly to learn as much as I can from people with more knowledge than me.
Short intro: I first joined the discord and then made an account here to soak up the knowledge. A couple of my buddies and following Varg's work finally brought me to P&S forum. I work as a CO, but most of my interest is from the civilian/self-defense side of things. I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend, working on my physical fitness, playing video games, shooting, and reading.
Hello- Rick from NY. A little over 10 years in LE. Currently first line supervision in patrol/member of a part time tac team. The modcasts led me to the forum; I don't do discord (yet) or FB. I'm always looking to get better, and enjoy being around those who can push me towards improvement. I figure if I'm the smartest guy in the room, that's a sad state of affairs and no place to be.
Howdy All,

I'm another one of those regular Civilians who values Personal and Civic Responsibility. No Military or LE experience. I grew up around guns and hunting. I was shooting .22LR from before I could properly shoulder a kids rifle.

I found the P&S podcast about a year ago and have been going though the back-log to find and plug my knowledge gaps.

Now in my early 30's, I'm a bit late to the CCW lifestyle. Only recently (2017) have I started taking practical firearm skills seriously. I now shoot local USPSA matches as well as participate in a small civilian-focused CCW training group. I carry and compete AIWB and routinely get chastised in my USPSA club for being "that guy who's gonna shoot his balls off."

My current struggles are buying enough ammo and convincing my SO to let me spend all the monies on training.

The struggle is real.

What's going on everyone?

My name is Jake and I work at Rosco Manufacturing. I have no MIL/LEO formalities. Around five years ago I started getting into firearms which lead to a drastic career change (prior Toyota technician). I have been at Rosco for a little over a year now. I started in the shipping department and am now the sales technician. Recently have been in positions for decision making on product and new components so I plan to gain as much knowledge as possible so we can put out barrels and other goodies that are spec'd correctly. I am a young man with a lot to learn and look forward to being a part of the community.

My name is Adam. I first heard about P&S in a conversation with Chris Hill in 2015, and eventually began listening to Modcasts and following the YouTube channel. I became Network Support and have been active on the Discord server for over a year now, basically since its inception, and I am just now going back to roots and joining the forum.

I am currently working as a Security Guard for a small local company. I have enjoyed shooting for about thirteen years and have been concealed carrying for a little over six years. I have no military background. I took a bleeder course from Defense Development Group in May of 2018, and I am a new Sage Dynamics alumnus, having taken Defensive Handgun: Red Dot Focus in December of 2018. My primary interests include handguns, every day carry gear, and modern gear, including SOF issued military gear.

I look forward to being part of this side of the community. Thank you for having me.
Sam, originally from the commie state of CA. I currently work in armed security and executive protection. I've held a ccw since 2016 and have done a few classes with local non-fudd instructors. I ship out to OCS in June to hopefully become a reserve officer in the USMC and then pursue a career in LE. I'm here to learn more than contribute in order to broaden my skill set.
Hey all,

I'm Pat, former Canadian Army reservist and current barrel manufacturing technician. I've been working in the Canadian firearms industry since 2010 as an RSO, instructor and retail side. I currently work at a precision rifle barrel manufacturing shop and still RSO part time.

I'm an AR and pistol enthusiast, into competitions when time allows. B class production IPSC shooter but haven't had the time or funds to shoot a qualifier in a while.

I'm a big fan of the podcast, and I'm here to learn and talk guns and such.
Joe, from Houston, TX area. LE since 2006, member of part time Regional SWAT team since 2012 and in a leadership role on the team for the last 4 years. Have taken a lot of classes from Fisher, Blowers, Cowan, Jedlinski and others. Have learned a lot from podcasts and P&S Discussions and looking to learn more and contribute where applicable.