Introductions Part 2

Chris. On LF under this name. Was on the old P&S forums but looks like my login got nuked in the transition. Ex-Army, didn't do anything particularly noteworthy and I got out to grow a beard professionally. Glad to be hear and look forward to a lower signal/noise ratio than other sites.

I’ve worked 5 years as a police officer in Southern California spending all that time on patrol. Prior to that I spent 4 years enlisted in the Marine Corps as an infantry assaultman and didn’t do anything noteworthy.

I’ve lurked around reading P&S for a few years and got a lot of great info from it.

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I've been a Contractor Puke, supporting the Army for the last 30 years, I've lurked here for awhile and I'm impressed with the depth of knowledge and experience on the site. I look forward to the continued learning.
I've been into guns and shooting since I was a kid. Not MIL or LEO. Life got in the way of shooting for the last few years and I'm getting back into it and get some training. I found the modcast on youtube while watching Ernest Langdon's videos on DA/SA guns and have been listening to old modcasts and reading the sites/groups for the last few weeks. I'm a dentist, which is boring, so unless somebody is asking about a tooth ache, I'm mainly here to learn


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Hi, coming up on 10 years with the USMC Reserves as an MP (no one likes me-reservist MPs are the worst of both worlds), former retail slave at a big box gun counter, currently doing Hospital Security at one of the Level 1 trauma centers in my area. I also like to cook, and can even read books for fun, as long as someone is around to help me with the big words.