Introductions Part 2

Steven - Joe shit civilian, gun and gear nerd, college student, gun range/store employee, CCW. I am going into law enforcement and I joined P&S because of the good information that is put out. I prefer to read more than I post and i'm trying to get away from the normal derp you see on the internet. Cheers.
Hello , great to be here! I was on lf back in the day. Not really on forums at all in many years. These days I don't do much except rehab to get my body working again. I did security in many capacities for almost 20 years. I started out bouncing in bars, was a bank guard, ended up working armed uniform security for 13 years. I was a martial arts nerd for many years and a gym rat.
I did make knives for a hobby. I was selling them when my health issues started and have not been making them years. I really enjoyed taking an idea or theory and producing useful tools. I plan on making them again asap. I have been fighting to get back on my feet. Almost there
Daniel, civillian enthusiast. Recent involvment in local club pistol matches has me interested in learning to improve my weapons manipulation and shooting skill. I was made aware of P&S forum from the entertaining and technically informative podcast.
Nick, I've been shooting since I was 8 and I competed in the Youth Hunter Education Challenge for 6 years. My 21st birthday is in May, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can to avoid some "rookie" mistakes when I start carrying and increase my knowledge overall. I heard about P&S from a friend and began listening to modcasts on my commute to college. I just took my first actual training course and I am trying to get involved in more training as my budget allows.
William, no LE or MIL background other than an unused CJ degree and year long internship with a local PD. 5 years of 3 Gun and USPSA experience plus a few years of IDPA time from way back when. Stumbled across P&S on FB, stayed and support the network because of the high quality info and low level of derp.
Charlotte, EMT. Working on being a Fire Medic. Been shooting since I was 14, have carried concealed since about as soon as I was legally able. Getting back into competitive shooting sports. Chronically addicted to training & my wallet hates me for it. Been lurking in P&S for a while now.


Former AF 46150 Ammo Troop. Started Cross Machine Tool in 1993 providing precision machined parts to the automotive, defense, appliance and medical industries. Being a gun guy I naturally drifted to also machining firearm parts in 2011 initially to primarily support my own habits. Enjoy the P&S FB groups I’m part of and thought I’d join here also.
Jonathan, 19.
Brought here through InRangeTV, longtime Modcast addict, finally joining the forum. Currently enrolled in machinist courses at a community college and someone pays me to press a big green button on a CNC machine. Competitor in shooting sports on a non-regular basis. Ive always been interested in guns and using them effectively beyond random plinking, but until I found P&S I assumed military service was the only way to get real training.
I likely wont contribute much, but theres always things to learn.

Starting year 23 as LE professional. First 10 as the police, the rest as a fed. Did 7 years as a UC, most of my experience is in the covert side of things. Promoted two years ago and now I run a task force in St Louis.

FI for work and a small training company I own on the side. On the National Shooting team for work. Mainly shoot USPSA (B/Production) and a little IDPA, mainly when it’s a LE benefit match (Master/ESP).

Just started BJJ this year, so spending a lot of time getting beat up.

Stay safe,


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