Introductions Part 2

Full time Air Guard. NRA certified instructor, contributor to The Firearm Rack and The Kommando Blog. Little bit of USPSA and Multi Gun experience. Taken a handful of classes with HSP and Shivworks, among others. Huge fan of lever actions and revolvers.

I’m into Lever actions and wheelguns quite a bit. What are your go tos?

I’m into Lever actions and wheelguns quite a bit. What are your go tos?
Winchester 94 for lever action, and a S&W 10-10 for revolvers.
Have some time on Rossi '92 and Uberti '73 rifles in .357, but they don't quite do it for me. Love the idea of a .357 rifle, but there's just something about the '94 that I love.
Definitely prefer old Smiths for wheelguns, but I had a Colt Trooper MKIV that was excellent a few years back. Have used the 10-10 in USPSA and a training class; always a ton of fun and always turns heads. Actually my best performance on Dot Torture out of any gun I've shot!


Network Support II
Ethan. Been lurking in the forums and Facebook groups for several years, active in the discord since the start.
Primarily a competitive shooter and I carry when I can (travel through/into Maryland a lot) that's pretty much it.
Hi everyone. I'm Dave. Non mil, non LEO civilian based in the Detroit area. Millennial with a passion for all things guns, gear, video games, and knowledge. I'm here and in the Facebook groups to learn as much as I can to better myself as an armed citizen. By being here, it gives me a chance to drown out the overwhelming derp and misinformation that plagues other avenues.
Currently working in the steel industry, graduating with a degree in finance this coming May with no clue as to what I want to do with it.

Avid listener of Modcasts and slowly making my way through Varg's awesome book "Violence of Mind."
My name is Kyle. I somehow make a living doing mostly nothing, though I am working towards some part time private firearms instructing. A competitive shooting fanatic with the current rank of IDPA SSP master and soon to be USPSA Production A class.

Always working to get better.
hello i am a civilian gunsmith went to Colorado school of trades to learn gunsmithing and have been smithing for a few years learned about p&s when it was mentioned on another youtube channel and have enjoyed the good and information from experienced people from all walks of life