Introductions Part 2

Six years as a machine gunner in the Marines, now a college student and stay at home Dad. I do a bit of writing for Spotter Up and try not too be too self conscious about my post surgery chubbiness. Just here to learn anything I can, love pistols and rifles.


Network Support I
Benton, Machinist/Tool and Die maker. Still relatively new to my field. Civilian, love Kalashnikovs, FALs, and working towards getting some roller lock goodness. As far as training goes I’m looking for classes in my area because you can only go so far on your own. Listened to every podcast on the ITunes and working through the older ones on YouTube as well
Full time Air Guard. NRA certified instructor, contributor to The Firearm Rack and The Kommando Blog. Little bit of USPSA and Multi Gun experience. Taken a handful of classes with HSP and Shivworks, among others. Huge fan of lever actions and revolvers.

I’m into Lever actions and wheelguns quite a bit. What are your go tos?