Introductions Part 2


Titanium Nitride

Titanium Nitride (TiN). Never LE, .mil, or fire/ems. Currently learning about manufacturing in general and machining in particular. Hope I will be able to contribute at least a small fraction to this forum of what I will take away from it.


Network Support I
Civilian who doesn't shoot often enough but follows P&S / Forgotten Weapons / InRangeTV religiously.
Looking for a higher quality community to learn from and hopefully contribute to.
Jay, Canadian LE for 13 years. UOF/Firearms Instructor for just shy of five of those. Just amalgamated from a very small service into a very large one. Been following P&S for some time, Modcasts, Forums, ect... Thought it was about time to sign up here.


Ken, I’m a firearm enthusiast of 35 years and finally moving from casual plinking and target shooting to something more challenging, but still keeping it casual. Over 28 years of IT and light cyber-security and corporate physical security work, and 10 years of defensive martial arts, I’m focusing my hobby interests on firearms.

I’m fed up with the derp on and off of Facebook and enjoying more of the Gun-nerd stuff.


Travis, started out in the USMC in infantry. I did that for about four years then conducted a lateral move to the EOD field, I've been and EOD tech for about five years now currently a senior badge. Derp is relatively low in my community but I've found P&S to be one of the better resources to educate my self and others (quit buying fucking condor shit!)
I'm Baron, did Marine armorer stuff for 4 years. Now I work in a gunshop and take what training I can afford. Joined the forum because as a gun salesman, I'm the first line to give your run of the mill gun owner good info and hopefully combat some of the myths that dominate this industry. So to do that better I figured I better actively seek good knowledge.
Brent, 14 yrs Cdn Military, Infantry res and reg force MP. Went civie LE, work as the lead firearms instructor at the Atlantic Police Academy and 3 shifts a week as LE. Train all new recruits plus in-svc. Also the Academy armorer (Sig classic line and Colt Canada C8).
Santino Anaya, currently a security officer and guest services for my local arena and public utilities office. Previously Technical Supervisor at International Golden Group Abu Dhabi. And USMC 2006-2010. Glad to be welcome among you all. I’m here to learn and hopefully contribute to the overall mission.
Dave, 15 years active duty Marine, 20 years FBI special agent. Retired in 2015 and started my own training business in the Winchester, VA area. Mostly private training and CCW permit classes. I’d like to branch out and teach more small classes. Primary focus is on the use of a handgun as a combat weapon.
Will, Private Armed Security in Chicago Metro Area since 2014. I take as many Fisher, Local, and Medical classes as my schedule permits. (Usually 6-8 per year) I'm just looking to meet and exceed my skill set goals, and make a few friends along the way.


Hey everyone,
My name's Andrew. Former mil (0311-8152), current student, and pursuing a career in LE. Lover of all facets of outdoor recreation and the shooting sports. Aspiring gun nerd and firearms collector focusing on Czech arms. Addicted to P&S, InRange, and Forgotten Weapons.
Wish I had found these resources as a small unit leader, but can now thankfully carry these with me wherever I go. Awesome people and information here, and looking forward to learning from the conversation. I'll shut my suck now so the smarter people can talk.
Dan, Army Infantry Officer. Rifle PL, Rifle Company XO and Scout PL time complete. Currently working at Ranger School. Shoot some 2 gun and a little USPSA/IDPA. Need to shoot more. Having my mind blown by P&S Modcasts daily and can't get enough.