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Introductions Part 2

Discussion in 'READ THIS FIRST' started by Riafdnal, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Matt0311

    Matt0311 Member

    Chaucer that is outstanding. I'd ask what hotel but I assume you want to keep it confidential.

  2. Chaucer

    Chaucer Newbie

    I'd prefer not to. Discretion across the board is considered a virtue in my industry. I will say it is classed as a resort (mainly weddings, holiday parties, etc) and also houses a large business convention center, so right in line to be on the recieving end of any lawsuits from Mandalay Bay.


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  3. Highway Fuzz

    Highway Fuzz Newbie

    Good afternoon everyone.
    I'm Mark from MO. Been following P&S for a while now and finally joined. Been wearing armor for a living for the past decade. Started as a campus cop in PA, served as an MP in the Army, and currently a state trooper in First Spears backyard. Just here to learn and soak up knowledge.
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  4. The Monk

    The Monk Newbie

    I do Cyber for a number of different entities. I am an armor several times over for both handguns and rifles. I have done a fair bit of training including with Pat (R.I.P.). I am getting tired of all the BS from other forms with a steady mix of bad information and lies to sound cool or push a personal agenda. At the end of the day I am just concerned with what works and learning more about tactics. I have been following P&S for a while and look forward to participating where I can and most of all here to learn.
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  5. Frailer

    Frailer Newbie

    Mark from KY. US Army 1985-2010; high school teacher ever since.
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