Introducing: Project Nemesis - P320 Roland Special

Is it the shroud that pushes the pistol out and away a bit or is it the QLS mounting that actually does that?
A combination of both, from what I can tell. The other benefit I've found from the DFA system is it drops the pistol back down to where it would be if it were just attached to my normal pants belt. I've sized this system so the Bianchi inner belt sits above my hip bones, around what would technically be considered my waist, higher than I wear my regular pants belt. With the inner belt and outer padded belt sitting on top of my hip bones, and the leg shrouds helping to distribute the weight over a larger surface area of my hip sockets, it's really amazing just how light the overall system ends up feeling, even as it's currently set up.

Krax, definitely a lot of good suggestions for me to consider there. I had intentionally tried to avoid a double-belt system as I wanted the belt to be a stand-alone system, independent of whatever else I happened to be wearing - Whether I have on jeans, combat pants, shorts, or whatever else, the system clips on over it and sits securely. Chaffing was certainly a concern and originally why I tried to make a system without either of the leg shrouds, but I live in Colorado so humidity and extreme heat isn't as much of a concern. I've actually worn this belt, with both leg straps, on a day hike in the mountains (minus the pistol and knife but plus a couple large water bottles and snacks so about the same weight), and it wasn't an issue at all.

Later today I'll try to get a picture of me actually wearing the belt so I can show how it rides and where everything falls in actual use, rather than spread out flat on a surface. Excellent questions and suggestions though, please keep them coming!

And, point taken about the knife - But in my defense, I just like big f*ckin' knives...
Ok, got a chance to throw this on to show how it sits. First and foremost; apologies for the...Groin-centric nature of the following picture. I'm wearing lightly colored clothes for contrast with my shirt tucked in to show the positioning of the belt system in relation to my regular pants belt and waistline/hipline;


As you can see, the padded belt sits above my regular pants belt, more around my true waistline. This allows it to sit on top of my hip bones rather than around them. The DFA leg shrouds then drop down from the inner belt, cross over my pants belt, and position the gun and knife approximately where they would be if they were attached to my regular pants belt. This allows for the weight of the system to be excellently distributed directly to sturdy parts of my skeletal structure, while not being dependent on wearing any particular articles of clothing underneath (like a Velcro inner pants belt), while staying put where I want it on my body and allowing the mechanics of my drawstroke to not differ drastically between whether I'm drawing from this belt holster or a standard OWB pancake holster attached to a regular pants belt.

As always, comments/questions/constructive criticism is welcome. But hey - My eyes are up here...


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I couldn’t wear a belt that high, but that’s me. What I would do in addition to the dlready mentioned idea of removing the admin pouches is
1) try to minimize the size of your IFAK,
2) move the IFAK from the center of your back (I had mine there for a while but realized that if I were to fall on it, my already bad back could take a jolt and make it worse.
3) move all of your pistol pouches to your offside.
4) as also previously mentioned drop the BFK (I love my knives but keep 2 a CRKT Heiho and a CRKT Hissatsu Folder clipped in pockets rather than one big one on my training rig).
5) I am a fan of symmetry in most things but will always forego it for better functionality.
6) I switched from an HSGI SGPB to a 1.5” CR Speed competition inner/outer setup late last year and am pleased with my current arrangement of 3 Fastmag Pistol carriers and 1 Fastmag 5.56 carrier and 1 Marine speed reload 5.56 carrier. Holster is a Safariland 6378 on a mid ride UBL with strap threaded between the holster and UBL.
7) as always these are suggestions that will work for me and YMMV.
"Works for me".
I kind of figured this point would come up sooner or later...The honest truth is I don't yet know if this setup will "work for me" or not, hence all subject to change. I've done some moving and practice in it, but no real training yet, and I know that's where the limitations and issues will reveal themselves...
I appreciate the comments and suggestions and will certainly continue tweaking and developing the setup, but for the purposes of this thread let's refocus back on the pistol as this thread is in the Handguns/Related Equipment forum. That being said;


This is a decent start, but I'd like to have a couple more cases like this one on hand. Or ten...


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I appreciate the comments and suggestions and will certainly continue tweaking and developing the setup, but for the purposes of this thread let's refocus back on the pistol as this thread is in the Handguns/Related Equipment forum. That being said;

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This is a decent start, but I'd like to have a couple more cases like this one on hand. Or ten...
Back on point. You will let us know how this ammo works after a good amount of it has been turned into noise correct?
Back on point. You will let us know how this ammo works after a good amount of it has been turned into noise correct?
I can already speak to that as I've run a significant amount of it through the gun already;

- 100% function and reliability in my particular gun

- Less perceived recoil and muzzle flip than standard pressure 124gr FMJ (thanks to the comp)

- Good results in ballistics tests I've seen online and a solid reputation among LEO agencies that use it

This is the 124gr +P load. I've begun buying it in bulk as my go-to JHP round in this gun. I've also got a significant quantity of the WWB 124gr NATO in-transit. The two loads both function flawlessly and have nearly identical recoil profile through my particular pistol


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Thanks. I will give a quantity a try here one of these days soon. I’ve got a quantity of 250 HST 147+P inbound. It’s getting hard to come by. I keep hearing/reading conflicting reports of its discontinuation and reports of DHS buying massive quantities of it.
I tried a couple 147gr loads through this pistol, though none of a +P variety. While they all functioned reliably and were accurate, to my impression they didn't properly utilize the potential effect from the compensator as well as the 124gr standard pressure and +P loads.

Of course much of this is personal preference (once you down-select based on function and reliability, of course) and finding the right balance between muzzle flip and rearward push in recoil. The 124gr +P loads of all types along with the 124gr NATO just had the right balance of muzzle flip, rearward push, and overall recoil force for my personal preferences and shooting style. 147gr loads tended to have more muzzle flip/less rearward push, while 115gr standard pressure and +P loads had minimal muzzle flip but a noticeably sharper rearward "smack" into my hand.

In my research and reading leading up to putting this build into action, it does seem that the average compact compensated 9mm tends to function best and the shooter tends to prefer the recoil profile of 124gr standard and +P loads - This was evident across numerous platforms including Glocks, M&Ps, CZs, and now my personal experience with the P320


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I have noticed that the comp isn’t as effective with 147 HST as it is with hotter mid weight loads. It does work just not quite as efficiently. I’m just trying to find a balance/similarity between good heavy for caliber loads for carry 147 +P HST (carry) and possibly Federal American Eagle 147 flat point (AE9FP) for training. In a similar vein to the process you’ve been going thru with the mid weight loads.
To be honest, I think one of the best things I did during the testing of this gun in the process of selecting ammo was to go to multiple ammo suppliers in my area and just get a couple boxes of every different weight and pressure combination I could find, then run them all back to back comparatively. Helped me figure out what weights and pressures the gun could tolerate, which ones it seemed to truly do well with, and then I made my selections from there. It's the same process I go through with every new pistol
Ok, brief tangent back to the belt really quickly - After rereading and thinking more about some of the suggestions here, I decided that at a certain point "symmetry for the sake of symmetry" becomes "stupidity for the sake of stubbornness", and did a little re-arranging;


Removed the off-hand leg shroud from the belt and moved the other HSGI double pistol taco over to my right side. Now all pistol mags will be on the proper side, and after doing some physical movement testing (jumping, lunges, etc) the belt doesn't seem to be any less secure using just the one leg shroud and strap. As an added benefit, by removing the second leg shroud I was able to put it on my other Bianchi duty belt, and will now have a second "training belt" with the same placement of the holster and pistol mags but without the IFAK and admin pouches.

I'm still not sold on removing the admin pouches from the main belt, as they have come in handy for holding additional spare items like phone, wallet, water, food, etc when I'm at the range or out in the mountains. But at least I'm moving in the direction of a somewhat more practical setup...


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I think your belt has already substantially improved. I would leave the admin pouches on there, especially if you are using them. Cut out what you don't use, don't cut out what you do! Losing capability you need so that you can impress strangers on the internet is almost as bad as stupidity for the sake of stubbornness. :)
Just got a little extra spending money from selling off a few things, so check back to this thread over the next week or two - It's about to get more interesting...About twice as interesting...
What’s the barrel length of this iteration?
The barrel length of the X-Carry is the same as the standard Carry or Compact model, about four inches (think G19). With the inclusion of the compensator it has effectively a five inch barrel length, about the same as the X-Five model or a G34