Ideal Laser for NVG


Hey all!,

New job has me on a much longer commute which provides ample time to listen to P&S podcasts. I was listening to one from a while back on "Night Vision 101" and during the discussion on lasers that currently exist on the market, it was mentioned that none of them are "perfect". The consensus was that each of them had features that they liked, but also inherent drawbacks.

So the question is - what does the ideal IR aiming laser/illuminator look like (whether it currently exists or not)? What features would be "must have" and which pet peeves or inefficiencies would it address?


Super late, and I’m sure you have already committed to an IR device, but here are my thoughts.

First and foremost, my must have on is a usable IR illuminator. By usable, I mean it can reach out and illuminate shadows out to at least 200 meters. Simply put, even with the best environmental conditions and highest spec tubes, the ability to identify what you’re seeing drops off at 200 meters. Sure, you can see humanoid objects past that distance, but you won’t see what they are holding or doing. To me, it only makes sense that your IR illumination can support the capabilities of your NVGs.

While illumination is the most important thing to me, my biggest pet peeve is not having a single device with both an IR laser and illuminator. As of now, I’m not a fan of trying to get different products to work together. Specifically getting the switchology to work fluidly. Now saying that in the past six months, B.E. Meyers has released the KIJI, and Echo Arms has made an intergraded light mount for the CQBL laser. Add the fact that Modlight has a one button solution that can merge both the KIJI and CQBL, making it an enticing set up that would be fun to try.

That all said. I have a MAWL and it was worth the money. It does everything I want, and it’s the most intuitive device I’ve used this far. I’ve spent a lot of time with the full power Peq-15 and DBAL A3. I have also had some play time with both the NGAL and LA-5. While all the above are good devices, none beat the MAWL when it comes to switchology.

I’d be interested in hearing what direction you ended up going.