Icebergs and Activist Groups

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member
Real legal battles to defend our rights are like an iceberg - there is the top visible part that everyone sees, but then there is the majority of the efforts hidden under the surface- huge amounts of work, thousands of hours, and all the funding to allow it to spread throughout the country across all levels of our legal and legislative systems.

Some organizations, like icebergs, have a little showing but make huge waves (yes, gravitational forces and wind actually make waves) and an enormous structure under the surface you don't immediately see. Thier funding goes towards the work which provides our defense.

There are also organizations that are a flat sheet of ice with a large surface area that appears impressive but is an inch deep and does not have a subsurface structure. Thier funding can't pay for litigation because there is rarely any, so a majority of the funds go to the executives.

Here is a quick tip in navigating the organizations- learn the difference between filing amicus briefs and litigation.

I support the Firearms Policy Coalition.

Here is some of the FPC's track record that is only the tip of the iceberg.