How to determine if your gear is crap.

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
Staff member
As written by @eggroll

Grab a ruler
Measure PALs channels and row separations. Channels should be 1.5" on center with 1" gaps between webbing rows.

Stitching should be no less than 8 stitch per inch with all stress point reinforced with barracking.

Velcro hook and loop patches should be sewn 1/8" away from edges and box X'd on all loop and hook involved in patch closures.

Buckles should be either national molding-duraflex or fastex.

Zippers should be YKK or IDEAL brand with #9 or #10 chain used on all external bag closures. The 9 & 10 refers to the width of chain teeth in mm. 9mm or 10mm.

Material type should be clearly denoted in product literature.

Texturized nylon like cordura will be listed as such. If not it could be very well be a PVC / polypropylene derived fabric with markedly less environmental durability and increased likelihood of failure in critical activity needs.

Coloration used will be readily apparent as black fabrics fade to an unnatural purple or dark pink when exposed to sunlight... Sometimes just over the course of a weekend training session. I can guarantee that by the time that happens, your gear has been damaged.

Despite all this, nothing can combat the "good enough for dollar value" mentality that the users will espouse in defense of their acquisition.

But let me counter with a 60$ plate carrier... Is made overseas in questionable facilities not adhering to the same legal standings as we have here.

If your gear is not within those parameters - it is time to get better gear.