How did you learn about the forum?

After slowly but surely spending less and less time on LF soaking up the free (to me) knowledge for some reason, probably ease of access on handheld devices, I was doing more and more of it on the dreaded Facebook.

There was a common theme, Derp, a lot of it, and a strong undercurrent of "man those P&S guys are Elitists/snobs/assholes/knowitalls" type thing, which sounded absolutely awesome and made me think I should go there and listen to those guys.

So here I am, listening to you guys, and thank you.
I found out about P&S when I was on Bookface, it kept coming up as a "your friend likes P&S".

I have been a part of the forum for a short time, but like what I have seen so far on the forum, podcasts, and YouTube. It has already recharged me on bettering my mindset, working on my dry firing, shooting, spending the time to learn about the armor and gear issued to me, and to learn about the other gear and tools to make me more knowledgeable in my job.

Big thanks to everyone involved in P&S!!

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Found it on a search for something, with a link from a picture of a vest or something-or-other. Recognized a few names from LF and M4C, and felt like my experience mattered here more than LF and felt more welcome to post. I also feel that the impetus here is more LE tactical-based rather than military. Not a knock by any means as the military experience translates to tactical TTP's, just that the LE basis suits my needs more.
I worked in a gun shop for a few years before I got into my career and unfortunately got really burned out with anything "tactical." I kept shooting but sort of fell out of touch with the industry and didn't really frequent any of the forums I used to frequent for about five years.

The gun shop experience was really traumatic for me and after about a year of healing, I found my self on the forums that I used to frequent ( mostly M4C and LF) but noticed they had lost that attraction they had. At first I thought maybe it was me, maybe I wasn't fully healed yet, but then I realized, no, it wasn't me, it was them. LF is still a good place it's just not quite as good, m4c downright blows.

So then one day about today, around twenty minutes ago whilst perusing a thread about the Roland Special on PF I saw someone make mention of P&S, so I creeped around here for a few min, saw a few familiar names and then here I am.

I'm really hoping this place is the special one I've been looking for. I know it's only a first date but I have high hopes...

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Friend told me about the Podcast. Podcast led to the forum. Forum led to Facebook pages. Facebook led to a mental disorder... so I primarily stick with podcast / YouTube videos and the forum.

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I watched a modcast video on youtube with Pat McNamara. I then proceeded to watch dozens of modcast videos. I learned so much from the videos alone. No exaggeration, I am a better police officer and soldier just from listening to hours and hours of youtube videos. The content of those videos spurred research and discovery, and eventual implementation of drills, techniques, gear selection, setup etc. Naturally, I came to the forum to learn more. It reminds me of when I first discovered lightfighter in 2009-2010 time frame. I have told as many co-workers and peers as will listen about P&S, though I doubt many have listened. I have sent several links to modcast videos to friends, and two of Bill Blowers video links have been attached in department emails to training and command staff, along with links to gear referenced in those videos. Namely, ballistic shields and NV equipment. I hope P&S keeps going in this direction full steam.

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Bumped into a man with "As Seen on SSD" type tactical stuff in church, he told me he's a mod here and I need to get on here. After lurking for months, seeing some familiar names that used to contribute greatly on other forums, and benefiting greatly from the AARs I finally signed up.