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Discussion in 'USPSA' started by Mike F, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Mike F

    Mike F Amateur

    ive been participating in club matches over the last 18 months or so running duty gear (duty pistol with light and light bearing holster). I've been shooting production only.

    I have been considering getting a holster for USPSA so I can participate in a level 2 match.

    What are your recommendations for USPSA legal competition holsters?
  2. TCB

    TCB Amateur

    I've been using regular ol' Bladetech holsters for years in USPSA. They're hard to beat. Ditch the light for matches, I believe there is an exception for LEO running duty gear but it will bump you into Open class at most matches.
  3. Seconded, Bladetech works really well for me plus they seem the only people who make a decent non custom CZ holster that doesnt cost an arm and a leg

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