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Hip pain from running...ideas?

Discussion in 'Fitness General' started by Dave_Thomas, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Dave_Thomas

    Dave_Thomas Amateur

    Recently started running as an addition to an existing weight routine. Ran long distance in high school, admittedly, that was 15 years ago. Anyway, I'm good for about a mile to a mile and half, and then I'm toast, which is fine, I won't get it back overnight.

    That's not the problem. Afterwards, even thought I stretch, I get a sharp stinging pain in my left hip, at the femoral head, more lateral than proximal. Before I go through the motions of going to the doc, getting a referral, and pissing away countless amounts of money, I thought I might see if anyone else had had a similar issue.

    Full disclosure, I was in a motorcycle accident a bit over 4 years ago where I broadsided a kid who pulled out in front of me, I went over the bars of my bike. This issue could stem from that, but I would think it would have evidenced prior to now.
  2. Playmaker55

    Playmaker55 Amateur

    Try getting a foam roller, perhaps that could help, and make sure you are doing some kind of warmup. You might check out mobility wod and see if any of the excercises there help.
  3. jevanb1

    jevanb1 Newbie

    Sounds like it could be the hip flexor to me. It is one of those things that is easily missed while stretching.


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  4. Dave_Thomas

    Dave_Thomas Amateur

    Interesting, thanks for the responses. I'll look into them and hopefully report back with good news.
  5. Dave_Thomas

    Dave_Thomas Amateur

    So, update for those interested. It is indeed instability in my hips, most likely a carryover from the motorcycle accident. I've started a routine to strengthen the flexors and surrounding muscle groups, and so far I've begun to see some results. I've also come to the conclusion that I have a distinct dislike for single leg squats.
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  6. cor_man257

    cor_man257 Newbie

    I had a similar issue when I started running harder last year. I'm 25 with no past medical issues related. I found doing some hip specific stretches helped a lot. After one run I was almost unable to stand, the pain was excruciating. A friend who has been running half marathons and preparing for his first full marathon suggested I take a fish oil pill every morning as well. He claimed that it would help with friction in my joints. I didn't find many people discussing it, but I tried it and it seemed to help for me.

  7. Dave_Thomas

    Dave_Thomas Amateur

    Something else I've added to the routine that is taking the edge off without completely killing my cardio attempts is a modified 60/120. I switched to 3 minute/3 minute in a slow jog cycle. It's definitely not a fast pace, but I can get a couple miles in and still be able to walk the next day.
  8. molonedlabia

    molonedlabia Newbie

    Food for thought, Fish Oil is an anti-coagulant. If your work comes with a probability of needing a hole on your person to be patched, use accordingly. I know you said one pill, but eventually a lot of people begin upping the dosage of it to try and increase the benefits which is probably not the greatest idea if you're doing work.
  9. molonedlabia

    molonedlabia Newbie

    MobilityWod was already mentioned, but it is a great resource. His original videos are deeper in the archive and have some stuff to address the anterior capsule stuff youre describing. I know I am late to this party, but have had similar things off and on.

    Also these guys out of Long Island have been doing some great things with a their model. Its $100 for 40 workouts, but I think thats cheaper than the going rate on an MRI copay.

    Good luck man hip pain is not a good time.
  10. B0308

    B0308 Amateur

    Sounds like all good advice so far, based on a sample of one (me a long time ago). As you described it, you are now in you low 30's. I had similar issues then, got referred to a Podistrist (US Army, but at an infantry division so he saw a lot of feet and abuse). He described that I had broken the "30/30" rule, over thirty years and 30 miles a week.

    He went on to measure the length of both legs and the one with the knee & hip pain was shorter that the other. He said most people's are not exactly the same length and up until 30'ish you recover quickly, after 30 and upping the mileage you don't and the pain often shows in the knees or hops, trying to compensate. He prescribed orthotic inserts and it was problem solved.

    This may not be your issue, but if all else fails, maybe consider it.

    Good luck
  11. GYates

    GYates Newbie

    I'm a little late to this discussion but I started running again after years of avoiding it. About 8 years ago I had a complete ACL repair from a duty related injury. I never properly rehabbed it and figured my running days were over.

    We are implementing a mandatory PT test and I finally got off my ass and started running again. I was in a lot of pain for a few weeks particularly in my knees and back. I got a proper stretching plan and it helped but not completely. Someone recommend that I get fitted for proper running shoes. Up until then I had been using whatever it was that I thought looked cool at the shoe store. I can tell you proper shoes really made a difference. I have an odd stride from the knee injury but the shoes really helped. I also adjusted my stride to change where my feet impact the ground. I was a heavy heel impact runner before which translated to a lot of back pain for me.

    I hate to say but I actually enjoy running now.

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