Hill People Gear - Intro to Backpacking, Kebler Pass, CO - Aug 26-28


Hill People Gear
This course is designed to get first time backpackers up to speed on basic backcountry travel skills. It consists of an online learning component leading up to the event, 1 night camping at the trailhead, and 1 night out on the trail before returning to the trailhead.

  • Class is limited to 10 students
  • Shuttle to and from Grand Junction or Denver Airport is a possibility. Email ahead of time to work out details.
  • Noon or a little thereafter Aug 26th arrival in trailhead camp. Lunch provided.
  • Early departure from trailhead Aug 27th, breakfast provided.
  • Trailhead is Lost Lake on Kebler Pass Colorado. This is between Somerset and Crested Butte on an all weather all vehicle gravel road.
  • Instructor is Evan Hill
  • Some loaner gear is available as necessary - arrange ahead of time
Distance Curriculum:

  • Video - energy conservation
  • Video / Supplementary reading - gear selection
  • Video / Supplementary reading - footwear
  • Video - physical conditioning / preparing for altitude / self monitoring
  • Video - food and cooking
  • Student Response - completed personal packing list
Hands on Curriculum:

  • In trailhead camp - Gear shakedown
  • In trailhead camp - Basic map / compass / gps
  • In trailhead camp - Introduction to ethical impact
  • On trail - Hands on land navigation
  • On trail - Route selection and efficient movement
  • On trail - Off trail travel
  • On trail - Animal awareness (tracks and scat, travel ways, resource usage, cycles, observation)
  • On trail and in Trail camp - Hands on ethical impact
  • Trail camp - Site selection
  • Trail camp - Animal observation
We will return to the trailhead area by mid-day Sunday Aug 28th. Please email info@hillpeoplegear.com with any questions or logistical inquiries.

To sign-up: https://www.hillpeoplegear.com/Products/tabid/762/CategoryID/9/ProductID/67/Default.aspx