Hesco L210 Comfort Level

Just how comfortable or uncomfortable are the Hesco L210 plates (or any other Hesco single curve)?

I've been leaning towards the At Armor STOP plates since they seem to be a good option in regards to protection, thickness, and price, as compared to other plates in the same category, but I'm still considering the L210's due to their price and protection rating. However, I don't have any experience with single curve and am wondering how much of a difference they would be as far as comfort goes. I also don't have any experience with the "shooter's cut" so if anyone has any experience with either of these plates I would appreciate any advice, and if you've worn either one, how long did you wear them? Thanks

Oak City Tactics

I’ve worn both single and multi curve extensively since 1997. I would not say that single curve is uncomfortable, it may just be more noticeable. Much of it will be related to the carrier/vest. In some rigs you may not notice the difference due to construction and padding. In others the standoff from your body created at the top of the plates or depending on your body shape possibly the bottom edges of the plate with be noticeable. There may be extra bulk in those areas but it may not be uncomfortable necessarily. It’s probably not helpful but there are a lot of variables at play here.