HESCO Armor Group Buy ***CLOSED***


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Hello Everyone,

I got the green light from Matt to organize a group buy for HESCO plates. I became a HESCO dealer a few months ago with the aim to sell the higher end plates in their line (800, U210) and I've been requested to make an initial buy-in. I thought this would be a great time to extend savings to P&S members through a group buy while meeting the number requested of me.

This would be open to all HESCO plates and side plates. Please take a look at the threat matrix below as well as HESCO's site to learn more. Feel free to PM or reply to the thread with questions.

Pricing has been finalized and I will tell you that it is competitive to those found online. The rep did mention that MAP pricing may be introduced for 2019 so I'd like to lock in an order before that.

Plates will be drop shipped from HESCO after group buy is confirmed, copy of credentials received, affidavits signed, and payment collected. Delivery ranges from a 6 week minimum to a 16 week maximum, dependent on the model ordered.

800 Series - Lightweight, premium plates (III, III+, IV)
600 Series - Great performers, mid range (III, III+, IV)
400 Series - Great performers, cost effective (SINGLE CURVE only) - (III, III+, IV)
200 Series - Ranges from cost effective single curve to premium multi-curve and varying threat levels (Special Threats)

Side Plates:
100 Series - There are recommended side plate pairings for torso plates that can be ordered if desired

Here is a template you can use to PM me with the relevant information to get pricing
Plate Model:
Cuts and Curves: (Single Curve, Multi-Curve, SAPI cut, Shooters, Cut)
Matching Side Plate: (Yes/No)

Thanks for reading.



Since pricing has been finalized, can you say what each category of plate, including the side plates, would run on average?


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I just tried to average it out and the prices range too much, even within the same series, to come up with a meaningful number. Each curvature, size, and cut has a different price.

I will say that the prices you see on the web will give a good indicator of what ball park a certain plate would cost. I highly recommend PM'ing me with what plate or plates fit your needs and the sizing and cut to get the most accurate pricing.


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For those watching: as a civvie with training and shtf/zombie apocalypse in mind I'm thinking the 4400 or L210. They're about the same money and the 4400 stops heavier caliber rounds, but it's over twice as thick and a fair bit heavier.

For regular guy usage I'm thinking the lower profile will be fine. Anyone else on the fence?

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I think that's a wrap folks. Still accepting last minute orders until end of day but for the most part, it is done! Thanks to everyone that had interest and took part in the group buy.