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How to work on long range precision with a max of 300 meter range? My local range is 300m. I heard that trying to shot 22 LR 300m is very similar in bullet drop as 308 at 1000m. Is shooting a 3 inch plate at 300 meters just as hard as a 10 inch plate at 1000m? I know 308 is not the best round for long distance, but most popular because cost. Also shooting 22 LR has a much cheaper price like (.11c for match ammo) than centerfire rifle and has a harder wind calls because of light slow bullets. Also with two young kids this could be cheap family fun in a couple of years.
From my point of view, you'll get to work on your fundamentals from 100-300 but you'll miss out on effects of the wind.

When I'm working my OBR heavy, I feel that 600 is tougher than 300 by a long margin.


Yeah agreed...You can try to focus on smaller targets..Kind of like how we would zero our rifles on a 25 meter range but with 300 meter targets...You wont get as big of a diagnostic tell with how your rounds hit but thats about as best as you can get at that distance.


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Work smaller targets within of course the limitation of the weapon system. You will lose out on practicing and seeing effects of wind at further distances but even at 300 if the wind is kicking you will see it. Don't avoid shooting in those conditions, as that is were you will make your money and increase your confidence.