Haven’t shot since November... need drill suggestions

Hey y’all

I haven’t shot since November 2020. I used to shoot a couple times per month and dry fire regularly, but between school and the pandemic ammo crunch that’s been put on the back burner. I’m on break until Monday and headed to the range tomorrow to help my dad sight in his 509T, and I’m also bringing 100 rounds of 9mm and 100ish rounds of .38 Spl to practice with. I’m planning to warm up/plink with my 686 before shooting my RDS G19, but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a low round count practice routine? I’m sure I have a significant amount of rust to shake off

I’m probably going to a private range that allows holster draws, but there’s a small chance it will be closed and I’ll have to go to the public range where that’s not allowed. When I get home later I’m gonna do some dry fire Eleanor and a couple other drills, but any suggestions for a 7-10 yard drill would be appreciated


With only 100 rounds per weapon, I would encourage you to maintain a high shot accountability and not go for just burning rounds into a target shooting back to back Bill Drills.

Dot torture is always a great low round count single target drill for busting off the rust, and it can be shot at varying distances depending on your skill level. There are a plethora of B8 drills out there, and it is also an excellent scoring metric for something as simple as draw fire 1's or 1 reload 1's depending on what manipulations you are working on.

I have done a lot of work with B8's at distance since the pandemic ammo shortage started and found that it actually greatly improved my accuracy in USPSA matches as well. Funny how becoming a more accurate shooter on a static range can help just as much in match environment.
So the range trip didn’t happen. The whole point of going was to sight in my dad’s 509T but due he stripped the clamp screw during installation. Not wanting to waste precious ammo, the range date has been postponed. I appreciate the advice and I’ll definitely be incorporating these going forward.

Does anyone have suggestions for additional drills that are dry fire friendly in the meantime? I have a dry fire magazine that I need to start using again