Has anyone have any experience with the KDG rail/handgard for the scars?

Not sure on how it would have an effect on accuracy. It is just a rail extension and it does not interface with the barrel. It gets pretty hot when you’re running the weapon hard. About 40 rounds in rapid succession with gas block at 10 o clock with a rc 2 on and the can gets to 500ish degrees and the barrel runs into the mid 200s. The fore piece of the rail below and infront of the gas block doesn’t receive the heat as fast as the barrel but it will get hot and yet is plenty tolerable with a pair of gloves and or rail covers. The section that is next to the FN oem urg below and behind the piston gets pretty hot as well but that is just the platform. It’s metal, it will get hot if you have enough heat dissipating near it. Does this help?