Hanger / Dangler Med Kit

Howdy y'all!
I'm back in uniform full time and doing more medical for my little agency. Been out of the business full time for several years and I"m looking for options. I'm looking for options for a hanger / dangler / abdominal med kit for my plate carrier. I'm searching for one that has velcro so I can rip it off and open it up. I'm looking for a bit bigger kit than just a IFAK size.
Right now I have a CTOMS First Line Pouch that Whiskey Delta Gulf passed on to me years ago, its a great pouch but a bit big. I've done a brief search here but nothing fits. I saw the EGL FBI pouch and its too small.

Thanks ahead!


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What about CSM or Emdom fanny pack? Emdom has a expandable hanger pouch also. They come in a little bit larger sizes.
I know it is not a dangler persay but the NAR CCRK is a fanny pack medical kit that has a ton of space but could be reduced.

Belt is tight enough not ti sluee around but liise enough to move if you are jn an akward position providing medical care.

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Look at the hanger options from Direct Action Gear and First Spear. Both offer the velcro attachments similar to the way say the Spiritus product attaches but have a laser cut molle field where you can attach the pouch of your choice. The nice part is if the pouch of your choice changes you can swap it out without extra expense. The Direct Action Gear product is like $20