Handgun Safes


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Im looking for an safe to hold a couple pistols. Electronic preferred. I've got a general key operated lock box but I'd like to know what else is out there. I've seen stack on (which apparently can be opened with a paper clip) and gun vault (which apparently suffer keypad failures around 2 years).

What are your experiences?


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I guess it depends on what your intended use is and what you want it for.

With that in mind, most safes are merely a residential security container (RSC) and not a true safe. Most RSC's, especially those found in big box stores would do very little in most attacks. I'm assuming you're looking for a safe for your guns to keep them out of reach of a child, or maybe others. A true safe to keep those who are less than honest out will cost a lot of money and be very heavy.

Here are a few videos that may help you:

I personally would look for a safe with a plate steel door and at least 10 gauge in the body. If you're not interested in fire protection then there are companies out there that make solid plate steel safes such as Sturdy Safe company. They always say buy a safe bigger than you think you need, this is a very true idea because they're a pain to move and expensive so it's not ideal to keep upgrading. I'd do a mechanical relocker vs. a glass relocker, the glass can break if the door is closed too hard and it would be very expensive to get it fixed.


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I have a "real" safe. I also have a bedside Gunvault. Two gun model. Its more a security container for kids. Accessed minimum 2x per day. Five years, going strong with no issues.