Gunsmithing school

Looking for a career change and have always wanted to do gunsmithing and machining. Any thoughts of schools for the rifle/precision rifle building side of the house? Heard great things about Yavapai. Any others? Pros and cons? Just starting to look so I don't know what I dont know at this point. Any help or experience with schools would be a help.
I just finished the first year of Pine Tech's program. If you are specifically interested in rifles I think that PTCC offers a good program. They'll have a new instructor for barreling and chambering that came over from Nordic, and their lead instructor has a really big vision for the program going forward. The major gap in the program is there is no pistol smithing curriculum. Chris(the lead instructor) does plan on fixing that, but for the time being it's missing. There is the handgun design and theory class but that is more along the lines of a long armorer's course. Depending on your long term goals there is a lot of cross over with their machinist program and it's an obvious choice to complete that in concert with the gunsmith program and they're working with another college in the MN system to count the gunsmithing course as the first two years of their engineering program.
Because of the geographic location of the school it also has a very heavy shotgun focus.