Gunsmith advice for a custom CZ RMR plate.

So I want to add an RMR to my SP-01 Tactical (decocker) but I'm not 100% satisfied with the existing solutions from established companies mainly with the height and the positioning of the optic. I've taken a ton of measurements and figure I can be more aggressive in mounting depth. My plan is to mill the pocket, and modify a steel RM62 block from Trijicon to fit. It will intrude slightly into the FP block hole but I can relieve the plate to make up for it. Shouldn't be a big deal since the plate is steel and the FP block spring isn't producing a lot of force. I also plan to mill a small clearance slot for the FP retainer pin with a 3mm ball nose end mill. I've mocked up an aluminum "slide" and hacked up a crappy UTG RMR mount to test my machining skills which came out pretty well. I've attached a crude drawing of my plan. It will leave .110" of thickness between the back of the slide and the rear of the RMR pocket which should be plenty of support. I'm thinking of using two offset 6-32 screws to mount the plate. Due to cutouts in the slide I'll have a minimum of ~.140" of thread engagement and at least .130" clearance around the holes. I can squeeze four screws in but I'm trying to keep things simple. Should I consider a different screw size? Do any of you see any mistakes in my thinking or any problems I haven't accounted for?