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guess I am the only one

Discussion in 'Massachusetts' started by MPDSGT, Sep 14, 2015.


    MPDSGT Newbie

    Hey from the great state of Massachusetts I am a Police Sergeant and a firearms instructor I came across this site on solder systems and joined right away. I was reading the post about training and the budget and have the same issue. I shoot IDP, F-Class and other shoots put on by CT state police trooper and still learn something new all the time. Can't wait to read more, and come on MA.
  2. .22lr

    .22lr Newbie

    Not the only member from Mass.

    But... I'm a govt engineer. Here to learn
  3. Gilevi

    Gilevi Newbie

    Also from MA. I work for a PD north of Boston
  4. TacMed

    TacMed Newbie

    MA but civilian

    INDEEP Newbie

    MPDSGT., What is the story on MLEFIAA? Are they the De facto organization running the State LE Firearms Program? It sure seems to me that they do. How does the State of MA not run there own program without assistance from a "Private - membership driven association"?
  6. TacMed

    TacMed Newbie

    MA State Police certifies instructors to teach License to Carry (LTC) and Firearms Identification (FID) courses. I am certified and am not LE nor a member of MLEFIAA. Neither the state nor MASP run classes.
  7. Gilevi

    Gilevi Newbie

    Dont get me talking about MLEFIAA. And that illigal racket. Ma does run their own Firearms program, through mptc. But all the higher ups doing started MLEFIAA which the state pays to put on classes. Can you say conflict of intrest, and sleazy as fuck.

    Then there are the 4 level of instructor. Level 1 is all u realy need. Level 2 is possible to get. But 3 and 4 is impossible to get unless they decied for you to have it. IE your one of them.

    All level 2 gives you over 1 is you can teach reserve officer. Which doesnt make sence.

    The whole state system is fucked and needs a complete overhall. And i will never support MLEFIAA

    INDEEP Newbie

    I think you missed my intent. I was referring to Law Enforcement Training for MASS. LE , and How MLEFIAA ( a private organization) seems to have taken over the void left by the feckless "State".
  9. TacMed

    TacMed Newbie

    @INDEEP understood. You're correct, that side of training is a closed community.

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