Greetings KAC Fans

Ash Hess

Ask Me About My M14.
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Hey all.
Primary and Secondary gave us a space here to call home outside the confines of FaceSpace protocols.
I will be posting here as often as I can and will try to get you some exclusive content occasionally.

In case you don't know, I am the Government Sales Specialist at Knights. Let me tell you, this job is rough. I get to see and shoot things on a daily basis that I dreamt about since 2005. I am not the expert on Knight's that Jack Leuba is but someday I will be.
I look forward to talking with whoever shows up.

Oh, save some of that Christmas money for SHOT...

Ash Hess


Looking forward to seeing this forum grow. Glad you’re here Ash.

And thanks Matt and the rest of the P&S crew for providing the forum for us.

- Jeremy T
P&S and pistol_forum are my two go to places on the internet, best forums ive found by far. plus with all the extra content P&S provides an amazing library of good information.
happy to see you posting here ash, i allays enjoy it when you make it on the modcasts.


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I'm a mere few hours away from my paycheck hitting my account and Ordering my sr-15 mod2 14.5 upper and all the stuff for my lower......may need a nudge when the time comes, that's a lot of dollas.
Just commit and do it. Well worth it. But then again, it is a slight addiction problem once you start. I started with an LPR, now a 14.5 upper showed up at my house...I think a lower will be in the next few months as well.

Damn you Ash.