Green-Ops defensive handgun 2

Just completed the defensive handgun 2 class and it was well worth the money. Class started right on time at 9 and after a safety and medical briefing we were shooting by 9:15.
We started with the dot torture test which may sound boring turned into personal instruction on how to improve accuracy. The class size was small so there was a lot of personal attention.
We went on to reloading drills , which I totally screwed up, malfunction drills and one handed shooting. There was even lessons in CQB which you generally find in handgun 3 or a specialized CQB class.
Brett was very knowledgeable and answered every question. The round count was about 350-400 but you were accountable for each and every shoot. If you want to waste ammo this is not the course for you.
One thing about the facilities, you need your own chair and bring plenty of water.
If you are in the northern or cental part of Virginia go to their classes, you will not be disappointed.