Great Modcast drop today

I enjoyed the discussion today about the riots and policing.

Thank you all.

Though covered, I would emphasize that the only events we see in the media are the questionable uses of force.

Example: there was an officer convicted of murder in Colorado. You can look it up. But you will not find much and no national coverage.

It was investigated by a multi-agency shoot team and tried to a jury.

Even your Colorado attorney who is knowledgable and well informed didn't recollect the case.

Partially this is part of the way our brain works (we remember the bad) but it is also true that the case got very little coverage from local media and almost no national coverage.

Moreover, literally no one has asked the participating investigators or prosecutors to talk about the case and what went right/wrong.

If we don't know about these landmark cases and the media doesn't cover them, one has a skewed sense of reality.

I tend to agree with Chuck, that examples like the above do not fit the narrative that cops aren't held responsible and do not forward the radical agenda.