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First off, I’m not very tech savvy, I was trying to upload the entirety of the files, but they are .rtf file types which do not play well with the forum. These are screenshots of the opening part of all of the cases that a Pro 2A Attorney friend of mine sent me via email.
There MAY be other cases that GOA has contributed to, but these were the only available cases within the system that he could access.

I’m a GOA lifetime member and want the best organizations representing our rights well in all aspects.


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Now, correct me if I’m wrong; I didn’t open every single one because my internet sucks where I’m at, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all before, but they’re listed as Amici in every one of those cases right? Not actual plaintiffs or defendants?

While it’s not nothing, it’s virtually nothing. It’s just enough to get their name attached to a case.

I’ll use a sportsball analogy: writing an amicus brief is like putting one of the many stickers onto the helmets of a professional team. The guy who does it probably thinks it’s an important job, but in reality, no one would miss him if he was gone. Yes, he’s a part of the organization, his name might even show up somewhere on an employee roster, but he doesn’t actually do anything substantive to contribute to the victories of “his” team.

That’s all well and good; someone needs to put stickers on the helmets, right? But imagine this guy is an alcoholic at the local watering hole, and uses his affiliation with the team to shit on the actual players and coaches. And he does this to con other patrons into buying him drinks. Pretty shitty, huh? Even if the player or coaches make mistakes or a bad call now & then.

That’s GOA. They talk shit about those who actually put in work, without doing anything tangible to support the cause. They prey on the ignorance and emotions of the people on “our” side, take their money, fracture support for orgs that are actually fighting the good fight.

Their legal briefs are for marketing and self promotion, nothing more.

Fuck them. They are the WORST gun rights org to support.
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