Glock Gen 5 force on force pistol

Anyone know if glock intends to release a gen 5 version of their force on force training pistols? And if so, when? I've been searching around the internet and haven't found anything.
They make them, my organization uses them. They are sim specific, but UTM is began to manufacture rounds that fit (UTX).

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I did a quick look. Would love a good Force on Force training gun. Found some gen 3 units that were over $200. I bought an airsoft gun that was Glock like and it did not fit in my holster right so would love something that fit in my holster. I won't do a lot of Force on Force training, but I think that it could be very useful. Wish that I could take a Southnarc / Shivworks ECQC class.

My training group and I shot a 300 round count Extreme close quarters training session yesterday and this force on force concept came up. Sure would like a sub $200 training tool to run two or three classes a year. Simunitions is an expensive option and out of the realms of reality for me.

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I ve heard glock will only direct sell to LE. I asked Kieslers and they advised they have some on order so I'd expect you might start seeing them at resellers soon.


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Just an update to this thread. Glock officially has Gen 5 force on force pistols listed on their website now:
Looks like Law enforcement only. Is there something that regular citizens can train with? I also want it to run in a regular Glock holster, some of the airsoft stuff that I have tried in the past just doesn't work.
No info on sim guns but i have a elite force glock airsoft i use for dry fire and it does fir all of my safariland holster with x300.
There is also one made Cybergun that is 1:1 and is marketed and sold to LE only as a training tool. I believe you can still buy them through evike but you may have to call them.

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