Glock 48


I bought a G48 in early July (of 2019) and I now have just over 550 rounds through it.

I really like it. Currently my warm weather concealment gun is a G43 and the cold weather concealment gun is a G19. I'm not sure the G48will replace either gun in that role, but I really like it anyway.
I taught for a total of 13 years in the local regional police academy. I REALLY wish a Glock in this platform size would have been available 25 years ago. In every class we had two or three shooters (usually females but not always) who had small hands for whom a big service pistol with a double column magazine was too damn big. If they had S&W 59 series guns, we'd try to steer them to a S&W 39. If they had Sig 226s, we'd aim them at a P225. If they had a Beretta 92F, we would suggest a 92M. But there was never a Glock with a smaller and thinner grip we could offer as an alternative. The school had Arizona Response Systems do a grip reduction on a G17 and G19 that we used as loaner guns and that worked pretty well but a gun the size of a G48would've worked better.

I think the G48 would make a great duty gun for shooters with small hands, presuming somebody begins to produce a suitable duty holster


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How small do ones hands need to be for the loss of 5-12 rounds to be justifiable?
Tough question, I know.
10rd duty gun makes me uncomfortable in a world of G19/17's and Dawson +5 extensions
The loss of a weapon-mounted light option also gives me pause in pushing the G48 in the duty gun role; a role it was never intended for.

Barry B

Shield (IIRC) has just come out with a 15 rnd mag for the G43X/48. I ordered 3. That, in my mind, is a game changer as to how the G43X/48 will be viewed. I have not rec’d my mags yet so I have no data on function.

As for holsters, I run a Crazy Mike’s at appendix with my G43X. The holster was made for a G43, but I am running a G48 slide on my G43, making it be default a G43X.


William B.

i have the 43x and use the dark star gear hitchhiker for the 43/43x/48 and i have been very impressed with it and the dark wing claw
They've impressed me, too, and are one of the first holster manufacturers I recommend. I have a G42 Hitchhiker and a Darkwing claw on my V DevGru holster.


To even be considered for duty it needs

- ability for WML as euro model

- more aggressive grip texture

- increased mag cap ie shield

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