Glock 42 holster?


Who makes a good holster for the G42? Looking for an appendix rig (for gym/running shorts) as well as pocket carry (for backup to my duty gun).

I have heard good things about Dark Star Gear while listening to the P&S podcast. It seems like some of the other top companies are not making a holster for the 42.


I have one of these for my Kahr... well, two. Updated when I went to the WML. They don't list light bearing, but if you email them they tell you how to add custom features, and they do have that. All Glocks including the 42 are listed. I also got it cut for RDS if that is your thing also.

If unclear, it is a rigid kydex shell bolted to a rigid-lined microfiber padded panel that's up against your body. Mine is just the clip, no wedges and levers, and works well for the tiny gun but since those work well on full sized guns, I'd probably go for it.

I used this for a long time just clipped into drawstring shorts for dog walks, runs (when my body let me run!), limited gym stuff, etc. Comfy and secure even with just the clip. Never had a problem with it at all, suggested.


Dark Star Gear is fine. Also compatible with the Phlster Enigma that can be worn with any clothing.

Pocket carry is inherently not great and requires a separate holster. I've been happy with the Mika holster I bought for my revolver on the recommendation of Daryl Bolke. Works fine in my sweatpants while around the house or checking the mail, I wouldn't use it for anything more vigorous owing to the shortcomings of pocket carry. DB also recommends the Safariland 25 for pocket carry, and has far more experience on the matter than I ever will.

You'll find better holster selection (among many other advantages) with the 9mm Glocks.