Glock 19 Threaded Barrels


I am looking at adding Parker Mountain Machine comps to my G45 and my 19X. I have a Silencerco threaded barrel already, but am looking for another barrel to use and haven't seen much info in here not nefarious barrels, other than the KKM, which I had in the Roland Special that I just parted out. What are peoples opinions and hard use data on the threaded barrels from S3F, Blacklist Industries and Victory First?


I have experience with KKM, Zev Tech and lone wolf as comp hosts. The kkm and zev barrels are stupid accurate and the lone wolf is actually no slouch either. I plan on doing another thread on barrels and comps. The best barrel comp setup is definitely going to be the kkm and kkm or similar comp. you will not get the full benefit of a comp with these knock off 1/2x28 suppressor barrel comps. I have tried several such as the blacklist industries and other knock offs. The only como that I have found which worked better than the kkm comp on a glock was the carver customs comp and kkm and carver customs have a somewhat close relationship. If your dead set on a suppressor barrel any will work. What caused you to sell the kkm?

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Gypsy EDC

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In addition to a few silencerco barrels I have a blacklist, and a stormlake g19 barrel neither of them are significantly more accurate or reliable than my silencerco barrels all of them seem to shoot about the same as Glock oem barrels for me. I've had horrible performance on one lone Wolf barrel (G20) and so so performance on 1 lone Wolf barrel (g17)


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Keep in mind that a lot of these aftermarket barrels perform better with certain types of ammunition. Some shoot better with crappy 115 ammo and some will be better with 147 HSTs, so it’s unfair to outright classify one or the other more or less accurate than the other. The data is out there.

Barry B

Hi... late to the party. I just got my Tirant 9M from Advanced Armament Corporation out of ATF jail today. I am probably going to run this suppressor on my G19 GEN4. I’m ignorant of threaded barrels. I went on the Glock home page, zero threaded barrels of any kind in stock. Can anyone recommend a quality barrel that has at least the accuracy of an OEM barrel? I realize the suppressor will alter POI. I am asking within this thread because the responses seem to be compensator specific, if I’m reading correctly.



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I have one of the threaded Victory 1st/Brownells barrel for one of my Glock 19s. I did notice a increase in accuracy compared to the OEM barrel. I did not use a suppressor on it so I can't help with that part.


I really like the Zev barrels. Work flawlessly in my Zev slides with Zev comp. More accurate than I'll ever be.