Glock 17 MOS vs. Glock 45 MOS


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Apart from compatibility with my Glock 19 holsters, are there any objective reasons for choosing a Glock 45 MOS over a Glock 17 MOS or vice versa? Eith with be mounted with an RDS. Thanks and be safe.


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The G45 with a comp keeps the x300U clean and fits G34 holsters.

The he slide velocity is faster on the G45 and returns the front sight faster. The G17 has a slightly slower slide velocity. If you add a comp, it’s longer overall. If you add an X300U, it carbons over the lens. Other than that, no positives I can think of for either.

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One other of the G45 mos would be if the G19 you currently have is a gen 5 and irons only. You would then have the ability to carry a G45 or G19 with an optic, or a G45 or G19 with irons.