Giant boots needed...


One of my guys is a neanderthal. He has always struggled to find footwear, especially anything specialized. They need to be tan or coyote and size 17. He'd prefer them to have a side zip. Danner makes the Tanicus in a 16EE that might work, but they are really hard to get. Does anyone have any ideas??


This place has large sizes, and a filter by boots available in particular sizes so you can see what might meet his preferances, and uniform requirements:

But... good luck. At a glance all are work boots, and I think most duty/670-1 boots stop at 13 or 15, only a handful go to even 16 it seems.

Have you tried calling Danner themselves? Most makers allow direct orders, and if that close, they might even have a non-stocking larger size or two they'll make him, can't hurt to ask.
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