Geissele optics mounts—choosing correctly

I’ll be running a Bushnell HDMR 3.5-21 on an AR platform. Anyone who uses these optics, is the extended or extra extended cantilever Geissele Mount appropriate for the ocular lens to hover over the charging handle latch?
Despite owning a 30mm “extended cant” Super Precision mount with no built in cant for elevation, I can’t give experienced advice, but consider giving Geissele a’s what I did and they were somewhat helpful. The people you talk to are not the most technical, but if you’re friendly they’ll go to great lengths to correctly answer all of your questions. I also called other manufacturers with similar products and they kind of “filled in the gaps” for me. The most helpful response was an email from Spuhr. Follow the question format listed on their website such as you’re intended use, distance you’ll be shooting etc and they’ll recommend a mount tailored to your preferences. If you’re only choice is Geissele, take the knowledge Spuhr offers, and apply it to the most similar Geissele mount.


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Geissele has dimensions of all their mounts on their website (IE distance between rings, etc). That should help with plotting out where the mount needs to fit.
I've been running a Leupold MK6 1-6 in my Geissele 34mm super precision (standard height) for about a year or so now. Love that mount, very solid, very precise look to it and most importantly holds zero after vibrations and some minor impacts. It does kind of mess with charging handle options depending on your gun. I have an LMT MRP and can run it out a hair farther.
I have X-Sight 4K. And I took under it the quick detach mount ATN. The mount works with 30 mm tubes, which also fit several other models. I really liked the quality. Therefore, the price is justified. So you can look and find the necessary mount.