GCS Training Group

GCS Training Group

Craft: an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially a manual skill: the craft of a gunfighter.

GCS Training Group is made of experienced professionals in the firearms and tactics arena. When taking a course from GCS Training Group, you will gain knowledge from Instructors who have real-world experience gained from Military, Law Enforcement (SWAT) and Private Military Contracting (High Threat Protection). Having the combined experience from the aforementioned areas make GCS Training Group unique in its ability to pass this information on to you.

2019 Schedule-

Feb 9 -Sacramento, CA- Contact Threat Mitigation

Mar 16 - Sacramento, CA- Fighting Pistol

Mar 23-24 -Kingman, AZ -CTM/Fighting Pistol

April 6-7- Culpeper, VA- CTM/Fighting Pistol

April 15-16- Tracy, CA LEO Only Hosted by
Tracy PD- CTM/Fighting Pistol (4 spots left)

June 29-30- Sacramento, CA- 2 Day Pistol Craft 1

Hosted courses added frequently, call or email to host a course in your area...CD138C05-9E52-45CF-8394-5614933BC855.jpeg
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