Garrison Concepts

We are a newly developed use of force and skills training company based out of Spokane, Washington. Our board consists of veterans from Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, as well as experience in domestic security, overseas contracting, wilderness search and rescue, trauma medical, and other aspects of the defense industry.

Our coursework is developed around a foundational mindset, getting out of the “get to the gun” mentality we see in quite a few classes across the states. We will be offering verbal de-escalation classes, medical, less lethal, hands on and force on force, as well as firearms education.

The end goal is to have students leave with a well developed and diverse ability to react to a broad range of situations utilizing force as a whole, from the nonverbal ‘hard target’ mindset to actual engagement of threats.

Site is currently under construction, best with us as we develop further. Thank you.