G42 ankle rig spare mag mod

I picked up my G42 for the specific purpose of replacing my EDC BUG, a SW 340PD. My thought was I could get 13 rounds of BUG "firepower" in the same weight + a few ounces compared to 5 rounds in the wheel gun. I would occasionally carry a speed strip with 6 extra rounds in my pocket, but I always fumbled with the speed strip when running drills. This just seemed like an all around better way to go.

I picked up a Galco ankle glove lite with the pistol. Then I got a piece of heavy craft leather and a heavy gauge needle from Hobby Lobby. I pulled the guts out of some 550 cord and went to work. I used a Gerber Multiplyer to push the cord through the leather. After it was all done I hit it with some black Kiwi leather dye.

I've ran this pretty much all day every day since last March with no issues at all.