G19 CCW Magwell/Magpul Problems

I have Magpul mag wells on both my personal and duty gun. I've been happy with them but they do feel a little flimsy. Do all the mag wells basically attach the same way?
Anyone have a magwell that works with the Vickers glock floor plates?
The only magwell I know of that works with Vickers base plates is not one worth mentioning.

The issue is that for a magwell to be beneficial, it will have a relatively deep and angled funnel. You should be using extended base pads with any magwell.
Does anyone here "fit" their magwells? I have three AA ones and all of them are picky with standard mags. About 20% of my mags will not drop free. I suspect the well is squeezing the frames some, but I am not sure if and where i should start taking material off of it.
Did you ever find a workable solution to the tight fit? I tried to add an Agency magwell to my 17.4 this week. It was so tight the side of the grip were bulging in and my mags were binding. Not sure of taking a skoosh off the bottom perimeter of the grip, or trying to open up the already thin magwell is the best course of action.