Front Range training group?


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Run and gun rifle match tomorrow at Pueblo West Sportsman's range in Pueblo West. $15 - Shooters meeting at 9:30am. Targets are generally 5 yards to 425 yards. Match happens 4th Sunday of every month from March - October or November

Every Wed from 3:30pm - 5:30pm pistol steel match. Same range. $10 .... You can do pistol, pistol caliber carbine, .22 cal pistol and rifles. All steel targets, match moves fast. Show up anytime in that 2 hour window, pay your $10, grab a score sheet and jump in with a squad.

Mickboy, anytime you're training drop me a line. If I'm free, I'll be there.
Thinking about going shooting this Friday in Colorado Springs. Will probably go to the Cheyenne Mountain range just for expediency (even though their no-holster rule is lame). Need to put some rounds through my Roland Special.

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Hate to break it to you hombre but that's not an RS. That's a G19 with a Suarez slide, non adjustable RMR, a LW comp, and an XC1.