Front Range training group?


Would there be any interest in getting together once or twice a month and getting some training in? The range that I belong to has a couple of 100m "informal" bays for ninja training and I have steel and target stands. If the weather sucks I'm down to roll, box, or do karate in the garage.

Anyone feeling froggy?


Sorry boys. I'm back at work. I should be around all summer. Maybe we can get a few range days lined up then. Unless someone else wants to run point.
I don't have the skills or expertise that Mick has, but I am always game for hitting the range and running through some drills. Monday is generally the best day for me, but with it getting to be summer we can always meet up after work. Any guys in the Springs or Pueblo give me a shout.
Later in July, anyone? We could head up to Great Guns LLC for the front range/nor co crowd as well- it's not free, but it's cheap and one of the best facilities in the area.
GG is a great facility, I'd be open to a training day there. I'm on every weekend, so it would have to be evening or midweek, but if I can make it I'll be there.
I'm interested. Sundays work best for me, but am open to whatever.
Also, if you guys are closer to the springs, I can always play host for Frontier Sportsmans.
Thinking about going shooting this Friday in Colorado Springs. Will probably go to the Cheyenne Mountain range just for expediency (even though their no-holster rule is lame). Need to put some rounds through my Roland Special.

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