Freedom Forged Training Journal (feel free to critique, I accept constructive criticism)

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First time I shot my G26 in a while. It's my backup gun so I thought I needed to get some time in.

Shot the Dot Torture for warm up. Not great.

Worked on grip two hand shooting on a B8 at ten yards. 15 rounds all in the black. Nothing to brag about.

Next I worked on strong hand and then weak hand. B8 at 10 yards. 10 rounds each hand. No time limit just trying to make good solid hits, trying to be accurate not fast, yet. Not as good as two handed of course. Objective was to get all hit in black. Pulled 6 and a couple were on the line. Not so good.

Things I need to work on next trip:

Two handed move the B8 out to 15 yards or put myself on a time limit at 10.

Placement of my idled hand when shooting one handed. After this range trip I can't remember where it was to be honest. Must have been by my side. I want it on my chest, maybe to replicate injury.


Bill Blowers actually just had a video uploaded to the P&S YouTube page yesterday that discusses one handed shooting both in dominant / support hand employment, as well as "non-operable" hand placement. You're correct though, that unused hand / arm should be placed on the chest but he discusses that and many other things in the video.

At the top of the training section there are a TON of good drills designed to measure different areas of shooting capability that I stumbled across earlier today, as well as the P&S YouTube page (assuming you haven't stumbled across those already) that are full of some great drills.

EDIT: Realized we're already in the training section...

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Sighted in RMR at 10 and verified at 25
Had my training partner load four mags for me with 2-4 snap caps in each. Showed a bad downward pull to compensate for recoil. Had no clue I was doing this but I know for certain I am! Out of 10 snap caps I was ok on just one. Other 9 I pulled downward badly. Gotta figure out how to correct this.

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